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It Begins Here…

“It” being my performing career dear guyz and dollz. I’m taking the plunge into believing in myself. Following bliss…you know the song. It begins here…OK, it doesn’t really begin here but close enough. I’m gonna chronicle it on this blog.  It’s a place where I can keep up with all my people and vice v. You can find out how far along I am on my journey, where I’ll be performing, how it’s all going. I’m pretty excited by the whole thing. Let me tell you how it really began…

I’m a single MoM of a 17 18-year old…young woman. I’ve spent the last 2 decades working as a teaching artist of theater and the last 6 years teaching theater, film and algebra at the boarding schools that my daughter has attended. Like many people who have children about to enter college, for the first time in a lonnnng time, my focus shifted to me. I found myself in a position of reassessment. It’s my life again. What do I want to do with it?

What I’ve always wanted to do, be on stage. It’s where I connect to the…what are we calling it these days? Spirit, the Self, the Goddess. (I’m personally in favor of bringing the Goddess back. She’s been with us for millions of years. That war God been causing a lot of trouble for the last, what, 4000 years? Lol, yeah, I digress.) I always thought I’d get to do it by acting, but recently it’s come to my attention that I may very well do it by singing =)

As of right now, I’m practicing my scales and singing almost everyday. I talked with the musician I’d like to work with,  the amazing Draa Hobbs. He’s in the midst of being busy, which is great for him and making me practice my patience thang.

Also working on putting together a portable voiceover studio and booking jobs in that field. OK, really that means, relearning voiceovers and practicing that every day as well.  I’m gearing up for a demo by taking classes again – ah, the 21st century…work from home…send it by net.

The one-year plan is to take this school year, (my daughter’s last in high school,) and put together 2 sets for a Club Act. Work with a guitarist (hey Draa!) and book the Act where I can during the weekends I’m not dormheading. Simultaneously, practice, record demo and start booking voiceover work in my portable studio.

Do you see the picture? After my kid (I know she’s not a goat, I gave birth to her, I can call whatever I damn well please =p) goes to college, I set up a household in…haven’t figured that out yet…and get work performing. While traveling I continue to make voiceovers with my handy-dandy mobile studio.

Yes, it’s a plan…


“Janine Hamilton has a tremendous voice that can blow you away with power and yet also tear you up with it’s subtlety and nuance.” Dennis Molesky