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I’m new to this business and that means I research…a lot. If you’re just starting out too, or you’ve been around but haven’t looked into some of the resources I’ll link to, check them out. The experience and tools that these musicians have shared have been a huge help getting me started. I hope they assist you as well.

After I took the plunge I was directed to a book by the jazz singer, Tessa Souter, titled Anything I Can Do You Can Do Better.

An incredibly insightful book about her journey as an editor, journalist, and singer that gives great advice to any artist following their bliss, in any field, at any age. I keep referring back to it for inspiration and information on a weekly basis.

I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for the perfect way to handle my mailing list(s). Perfection required a simple to use interface that wouldn’t take forever to learn, a visually pleasing look and zero cost. Yea…well…perfection, does it even exist? Evidently, it does and it’s called Bento.


Uh…It’s called Bento 3 actually.

It met all my requirements…to a degree. For instance, it’s free but not for long. But a month is a decent trial period and after that I think it was only $49 for an individual license. Not bad when I compared it to online sites that would store all my stuff but charged me a monthly fee to do so. I don’t like monthlies. They add up.

I did not, however, go with Bento3. While it certainly met most of my requirements I found something else that didn’t meet any of them…go figure…

/sigh…it doesn’t even have a hot logo and The Indie Band Manager interface is not visually pleasing, it costs $219 for the full featured version, (although it too is free to try and you can get extensions past the first month just by asking.) However, this bad boy does everything I need AND is specific to booking performances. Here is a run-down from the website:

Musicians, agents, labels, comedians, dancers, film makers and publicists all over the world manage thousands of pages of information on fans, venues, media contacts, bookings, inventory, finance, content, and calendar all in on place using Indie Band Manager.

I also liked that it has good video tutorials, reminders and to-do lists in the application. It also saved me the expense, either in time or money, of inputing a massive amount of venue information. True, that information changes nearly constantly, but I find it easier to update than enter it all from scratch.

It also has a feature that I love. When you’re at a gig and people want to sign onto your mailing list, you can tell it to enter that mode and they just type in as much of their information as they want. Minimum is name and email. Done. I luv it.

Hope this is of use to you. If you’d like to share info on any other good stuff you’ve run into, leave a comment about it and I’ll add it to the next resource post.


Where I’m At

I’ve been putting together the business end of the…business. It’s been a good eye-opener and I’m realizing the amount of work that needs to be done that has absolutely nothing to do with performing but totally makes it possible to get the opportunities to do it. I’m deciding whether or not to use Indie Band Manager or Bento.  Bento looks like it can do a lot of what I want and in a visually interesting/pleasing way. However, the time it’ll take me to figure it out seems a little prohibitive, especially when I look at Indie Band Manager which isn’t as attractive visually but is set up to do exactly what I need it to AND has a lot of built in prompts (what to do next) and reminders. Right now I’d bet that I’ll go with Indie Band Manager.

I’m also looking for material. In particular, as much up-tempo blues as I can find. The fun part of the this process is getting to listen to so much music. Programs like Pandora make it easy to listen to a genre of music or similar artists. I may be late to the party but I’ve most recently found

Katie Webster.  I know, I know…where have I been =p  I may be late to class, but I am gettin’ schooled!

On the VoiceOver front I finally got my MXL Mic and PortaBooth. I’ve been in touch with Edge Studios and plan on consulting with them, taking 2 private lessons and then recording a narration and commercial demo.  In case your wondering, I have had voice over training before. I’m reviewing those sessions and practicing as well. As I collect material to possibly use for the demos, I’ve got several resources to send my readings to and get feedback.  The ‘who-wudda-thunk-it’ news here…I’ve never enjoyed listening to commercials, until now!

“Janine Hamilton has a tremendous voice that can blow you away with power and yet also tear you up with it’s subtlety and nuance.” Dennis Molesky