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First Performance Video!

Back in March I was invited by the Jacksonville Blues Band to sing a few songs with them during a performance at The Mole Hill Theatre. I finally got a few moments to export a video of one of the songs from that night. Hope you enjoy it!


the goddess sings

There are times when a performer, be they actor, singer, dancer, musician, transcends the sense of ego and merges with the…self, spirit, divine, the ‘that which cannot be named’. It’s not a state that has words but happily, it’s a state that can be experienced. When a performer manages to go there, the audience gets to go there too. Bettye LaVette goes to that state on a regular basis. Enjoy the ride.

“Janine Hamilton has a tremendous voice that can blow you away with power and yet also tear you up with it’s subtlety and nuance.” Dennis Molesky