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Belated Happy

2011 FTW!

I’m not really sure how that year just zipped by! While I’ve been entirely too busy with my teaching job I have recently managed to get back on track with singing. It definitely helped that I had a small performance this weekend. It went very well and reminded me that I have a lot to do. Here’s the list:

  • Continue to collect songs
  • Get the website up
  • Rehearse with Draa and/or Chris
  • Make a Demo
  • Book Work!

I admit to enjoying this process. I don’t have a lot of time to spare right now but in the midst of my “busy” it’s fun to work on songs, tinker with the website and study the newly changing world that is the music business.


“Janine Hamilton has a tremendous voice that can blow you away with power and yet also tear you up with it’s subtlety and nuance.” Dennis Molesky